Master’s in Evolution, Ecology & Systematics

Jena has one of the longest traditions in evolutionary biology of any German or European city. The terms ecology, phylogeny and ontogeny, all central concepts in modern biology, were coined here by Ernst Haeckel, and since German reunification the university has placed great emphasis on expanding or re-establishing the core subject areas of the field. The master’s course “Evolution, Ecology and Systematics” provides a wide-ranging and intensive introduction to evolutionary biology, and with over 40 scientists actively involved in the teaching of the programme, its direct relation to current research is unparalleled internationally. The course is based on the three main subject areas systematic botany, systematic zoology and ecology and can be structured so as to combine two or more disciplines. One basic tenet of our master’s course is individuality. We want every student to be able to approach evolutionary biology from a perspective that is relevant to them personally, so the course is made up of a range of modules from which students can – with the help and advice of their tutors – take their pick.

The master’s in “Evolution, Ecology and Systematics” takes two years. The first intake of students will be in the winter semester 2011/12. If you are interested, please contact the directors of the institutes concerned or their student liaison officers directly for more information.